If i were a lion and u were a TUna

Othering- is basically the concept between the self and the “other”. It makes clear a distinction between what “I Am” and what “I Am Not”. *Keep That In Mind* This blog is definitely gonna be controversial for a great many reasons. The main one has got to be for the fact that I go to […]


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“Lost in the pessimistic, state of perception It’s been, hard to participate in, natural instances” – Jah I’m sorry to come off sounding pessimistic, but after everything I’ve been through in high school, I find it hard to see the positive side of things. To be honest I’m rather happy that the year is coming […]

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Is All My Pain Your Freedom

Justice is coming to all of us no matter what we do. – The Comedian, Watchmen Justice is a rather subjective subject for it coincides with the law but theoretically isn’t a part of it. Justice often deals with logic, the logic of doing what is right but this school¬† of thought may in many […]

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How does our home culture shape our world views and affect our personal identities? Without a doubt, I believe culture has a solid place in everyone’s identity. It shapes the way we think, the way we see the world and the way we live it. A person’s view on life is pretty much dictated by […]

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Like the most: Adah Adah is a straight up savage. Someone who is the oddball of the group, the weirdo, but that’s where she shines most because she doesn’t care others perception of her. She has her own way of thinking that no else truly understands. Not to mention she survived a lion attack. Sympathise […]

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